Crystal Silence

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I wander the quiet night, observing what light and shadow simultaneously reveal and conceal.  An obscure sense of time suspended imbues each moment with a heightened sense of clarity.


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All images © Jim Vecchi.

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Special Thanks to all of those who supported Crystal Silence on Kickstarter!

Alan Vecchi  -  Andre Gascon  -  Anna Dubrovsky  -  Aziz Cami  -  Bill James  -  Bob Kubiak

Casey Blanton  -  Christi Chambers Dufour  -  Claire McConaughy  -  David Brommer

Dawn Hawk  -  Dean Churack  -  Donald Anderson  -  Ed Sikov  -  Fred Lowell  -  Gabriele Klein

Gennady Meergus  -  Izabela Murzyn  -  James Poulsen  -  Jean Caslin  -  Jean Crepin  -  John Bauer

John Breen  -  John Pound  -  John Shearer  -  John M. Vecchi  -  Karen Eichler  -  Katarzyna Majak

Ken Rosenthal  -  Linda Moore  -  Luana Mazzeo  -  Mario Cayer  -  Martjin Pieters  -  Matt

Michael Cullen  -  Michael Kelleher  -  Michael Starkman  -  Pat Lowell  -  Patrizia Perata

Richard M. Bailey  -  Robert J. Crawford  -  Silvia Cavallini  -  Sunny Bates  -  Terri Maxfield

Thanks also to:

Colorado Art Ranch and Elsewhere Studios

for granting me a residency during which many of these images were made.