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My artworks are a reflection of my ongoing search for meaning.  I rely on beauty and the act of seeing to explore, question, and reinterpret the way that we perceive the world.

Below are small descriptions of my major projects.  Clicking on the image will take you to that particular project’s page on this site.  Each project page includes a statement and images or videos of the work. 

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The Center of the Universe (1990-1991)

In these images a central pole, column, or wire is the object of one-pointed focus and concentration.  The out-of-focus background is free to take on a sense of mystery and possibility.

Lift Any Stone  (1991-1994 & 1999) 

These images, taken with disposable panoramic cameras, are of singular yet often unnoticed moments that urge us to look beyond mundane appearances.

Shadows of My Self  (1994-1996) 

These images symbolically depict the confounding veils and layers of meaning, concepts, culture, memory, and experience that inhibit self-knowledge and true connection with self, others, and the Divine.

Invocation: Hands to God  (1996-2000)

This multi-media piece uses images, voice, text, and music to suggest what lies beyond all limitations and boundaries.  It leads us to ponder the mystical experience of dissolution into pure essence and consciousness.

Between Earth and Sky (2000-2002)

These images, which were shot in Italy, symbolically depict the human condition as we are always negotiating the ambiguous space between body and spirit, between earth and sky.

The Heart Project  (2001-2002)

These images are an investigation into love.  To further explore love, I briefly interviewed each person, asking for his or her thoughts on love.

Infield  (2002)

These images of baseball infields, conjure up visions of the absent players, evoking a sense of dreams, nostalgia and memory.

Il Palazzo Guglielmi (2003)

These images, of an abandoned and decaying former monastery and palazzo, are a meditation on the negotiation of light and shadow, of memory and loss.

The Language of Time  (2004)

These night images, taken in the small Tuscan hill town where I live, attempt to capture the small and large worlds that hang seemingly suspended in time.

the nothing and the everything  (2005)

These images were shot while on artist residence in New Zealand are an attempt to look at the present moment and its inherent possibilities.

The Sunset Trilogy  (2006)

These three series of photographs were shot in the Sunset District of San Francisco.  This seemingly nondescript area does, however, have particular aspects that are simultaneously peculiar and poetic.

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All works © Jim Vecchi.

Witness to Infinity  (2002-2003)

These images are of individuals as they encounter the immensity of the ocean and horizon.

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Project India  (2007 & 2008)

This projects consists of 2 photographic/multimedia works and 5 video pieces that I made during stays in Auroville, an experimental community near the city of Pondicherry in southeast India.

Memoria Scaduta  (2008)

These images were shot in and around cemeteries in Italy.  The images are of the headstones, markers, and other paraphernalia that are removed and disposed of  when the contracts for burial plots expire and the physical remains are relocated.

so much depends... (2009)

These photographs are in honor of the American poet William Carlos Williams whose poems centered on the quotidian aspects of life.

Crystal Silence  (2011)

I wander the quiet night, observing what light and shadow simultaneously reveal and conceal.  A sense of time suspended imbues each moment with a heightened sense of clarity.