Invocation: Hands to God in installation: 

This work, which I feel was divinely inspired, explores the experience of leaving behind physical boundaries to merge with the Divine.  It became quite clear to me that this would potentially evoke a very diverse range of thoughts, sensations and feelings, ranging from confusion, disorientation, and abject fear before leading to awe, wholeness, and unbridled joy.  In many ways the expression of this became the guiding force in the creation of Invocation.

As I wished there to be a strong suggestion of the physical disorientation, confusion, and surprise that might be present in this experience, the work was envisioned as an installation with the viewer in a darkened space in the middle of 4 screens.   The images would appear on the 4 screens (corresponding to the 4 quadrants of the single screen in the movie seen above) from different directions at different times with a great sense of unpredictability with the viewer physically turning to view the images as they become aware of their light.  In this way the viewer would be physically involved in this process, and would become immersed in the experience.  (I should also add, that in this way, each viewer’s experience of Invocation would in fact be a unique one – as would be each viewing by an individual who viewed it multiple times.)

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Invocation: Hands to God © Jim Vecchi

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Note:  Please have your speakers or headphones turned on. 

Invocation is 13 minutes long.

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