Invocation:  Hands to God

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In many different times, places, cultures, and belief systems a few individuals have sought to leave behind all limitations and boundaries to become one with whatever they considered to be the ultimate Truth.  “Invocation: Hands to God” explores this spiritual journey using photographic imagery, voice, text, and music.  Each image contains a human hand whose motions and gestures are symbols or metaphors for this search.  The human hand is especially apt as it is not only our means of giving, receiving, reaching, and grasping, but it also suggests the possibility of this mystical experience being literally “at hand.”  The images range in focus from readily recognizable to nearly abstract.  This suggests that “place” somewhere between body and spirit where concrete form reconfigures as it melts into abstraction, where form merges with formlessness, and one begins to experience dissolution into pure essence.  In exhibition, the hand images are projected in a darkened space and are aurally mirrored and reinforced by the musical composition Rose Window (by Alex Cline, performed by The Alex Cline Ensemble).  The interplay of the large-scale projections, voice, text, and ethereal music serves as an open experiential narrative.

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