Shadows of My Self

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These photographs are portraits of objects - paintings, photographs, dolls - that have a "human" face.  These objects have been photographed through glass which mediates and distances us from the eyes and gaze.  The abstract reflections are confusing veils and layers. 

I feel compelled to try to reach, understand, and perhaps even save or love these "individuals" who are portrayed.  But I can not reach them as I am distanced and confounded by the veiling layers.  There is a haunting feeling about this, for it seems so familiar.

We are always trying to see and be seen through many layers of meaning, concepts, and culture.  We are always seeing ourselves through these same veils.  But how often are we even aware of this?  We may wonder how can we ever reach anyone, especially our own true selves.

There are times when our lives bring us face-to-face with the limitations of ego and mind.  Feeling the overwhelming need to discover our own true identity is tremendously painful - but it is also a great blessing.  With grace and with awareness our barriers can begin to be removed.

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All images © Jim Vecchi.

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