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I have always felt that love is the most important thing in life.  But as I reached mid-life I realized that I knew woefully little about love, having to admit to myself that I had only vague notions about what love is, how love “works,” and how love is experienced.  This sad realization prompted me to investigate love, a camera my means of exploration.  I succeeded in photographing a wide variety of individuals, making simple panoramic images that centered on each person’s heart.

After photographing these hearts, I briefly interviewed each individual asking the following three questions:

1.What is love?

2.When do you most feel or experience love?

3.What is the thing that you least understand about love?  

The answers, which I taped and have transcribed, were surprisingly honest and thoughtful.   

From this investigation I have learned that there are many definitions of love and that our experiences of love are individual and varied.  But I have also learned that beyond our facades and differences we all strive to understand love.

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All © Jim Vecchi.

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