the nothing and the everything

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It's like living in the middle of the ocean,

With no future, no past,

And everything that's good right now,

Well, I don't wish for it to last.

I'll step through brilliant shades,

Every color you bring,

This time, this time, this time,

Is fine just as it is.

And today’s whatever I want it to mean…

Beth Orton

from “Central Reservation”

All © Jim Vecchi.

These photographs were made while I was on an artist residency in New Zealand from January to March of 2005.  Being given the gift of 3 months time to simply be an artist, I decided to use these 3 months to simply be.  I attempted to stop and be present to each moment, hoping that this might point me towards some form of transcendence.  To assist in this pursuit, I gave myself permission to make photographs only if I truly felt moved to do so.  Free of the obligation to make even a single image, I made nearly 4000.

There are 2 distinct versions of the nothing and the everything, each a different edit and form of presentation.  The majority of images are viewed in only one version or the other.  One version contains 150 still photographs. The other edit is a Quicktime movie containing 126 images sequenced to music.

Click on this photo to see the single image edit.

Click on this image to view the Quicktime movie.

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